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Foto Solares Cristóbal , La agresividad al servicio del amor: una aproximación psico-pedagógica-pastoral , in Antonianum, 83/1 (2008) p. 53-67 .

Summary: Following the psychological theory of object relations by Otto Kernberg, the Author seeks to demonstrate that aggressiveness can be educated and channelled positively, putting it at the service of love. It is the conviction of a Christian that “evil can be conquered by the force of good” (Romans 12, 21), and that love can neutralise the negative effects of irrational violence. However, it is necessary to benefit from the mediations of grace, and the efforts of intelligence, will and affectivity are not sufficient by themselves. Any educational, psychotherapeutic or pastoral action starts from the presupposition that the human being is educable, curable and capable of redemption. At the psychopedagogic level, education to empathy can lead aggressiveness to become an ethical indignation that can overcome passivitiy and fatatlistic resignation. Still, charity, which lies beyond any other feeling, urges and rewards organisation and cooperation that respond to the aspirations to peace, justice and brotherhood of human beings in the world.

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