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Foto Stasiak Sławomir , Gesų č Signore del sabato. Studio diacronico di Lc 6,1-5, in Antonianum, 80/2 (2005) p. 245-276 .

Summary: The discourse of Lc 6,1-5 comes from a Markian source, probably mixed with a second source. Luke has introduced some changes in order to adapt it into his own work. First, he omits Mc 2,27 and mutates the order of words of Mc 2,28, to introduce Jesus as a “Son of man” who exercises his own power over the Law. Second, He stays in strong relationship with King David, as a messianic figure (Lc 6,4; 20,41-44). The socio-vital context pushes the author to elaborate the fragment in a christologic sense. The attribution of lordship of the Son of man is linked with others: the power, the potency, the glory, and the potency of God.

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