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Foto Béjar José Serafín , Hacia una nueva forma de realización sistemática: la Simbolica ecclesiale de B. Forte y La entraña del cristianismo de O. González de Cardedal , in Antonianum, 80/1 (2005) p. 3-34 .

Summary: The books “La Simbolica ecclesiale” by B. Forte (Italy), and “La Entraña del cristianismo” by O. González de Cardedal (Spain) offer two global interpretations of Christianity on the threshold of the third Millenium. The present article intends to show a recent tendency in contemporary theology towards a more fundamental reflection on Christian doctrine. Or, in other words, they try to provide the formal principle for a theology, which desires to unite God’s message (“auditus fidei”) with man’s expectancy (“auditus temporis”).

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