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Foto Uribe Fernando , «Prolegómenos para el estudio de las Admoniciones de san Francisco de Asís. Ensayo introductivo y bibliográfico» , in Antonianum, 84/1 (2009) p. 65-108 .

Summary: The abundant and growing bibliographical production over the last fifty years concerning the Admonitions of Saint Francis has moved the author to present an ample synthesis which, on the one hand, brings together the most important results of the research cerried out in this period, while on the other hand, defining certain doubts that are still current. To this end, the author takes up again the main aspects of the study of the Admonitions in general, such as their nature and authenticity, the date of composition, the literary genre, their possible formation of a whole etc. So that this study may serve as a help to those who may wish to deepen their knowledge of these opuscula, this study offers too a complete listing of the abundant bibliographical production on these brief writing of francis, which are revealed as valuable means to coming to know his soul, and for better understanding the entire panorama of his thought.

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