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Foto Navarro Luis Sánchez , El Padre de Jesús en Marcos, in Antonianum, 86/2 (2011) p. 225-236 .

Summary: In the Gospel of Mark, the texts explicitly regarding the Father of Jesus are much fewer than in the other Gospels; nevertheless, a close study shows how important a role He plays.The relationship of Jesus with his Father defines Jesus’ identity, which is the central theme of Mark’s narrative; in the Baptism and Transfiguration accounts, the voice from heaven declares Jesus, in his action and teaching, the Father’s “beloved Son”. In the last events of his earthly life, those through which Jesus fulfils his mission, the presence of the Father, whose loving will guides Jesus’s decisions, is particularly evident. It is the Father, also, who determines the surprising end of the Gospel by raising Jesus from the dead. The Father’s role is, then, essential for the whole Gospel.

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