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Foto Lamy Alice , Les arguments de potentia divina sur la structure du continu dans l' oeuvre de Walter Burley, in Antonianum, 85/1 (2010) p. 81-96 .

Summary: Walter Burley is know for having challenged in his writings William of Ockham, not only on logic but also on central questions of natural philosophy that involve the category of quantity and particularly the existence of indivisibles and the structure of the continuous. Walter Burley has especially taken up from his adversary, in the course of these discussions, an original use of the arguments de potentia divina, according to which God can do all that does not entail contradiction - arguments traditionally connected to Eucharistic dogma. These theological arguments are critically taken up by Burley. Few in number, they are put together in response to certain statements by Ockham and present a new and distinct kind of argumentation concerning the indivisibles and the continuous. In effect, they rely on rejection of the infinite-in-act and on the principles of generation and corruption.

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