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Foto Vaiani Cesare , Filosofia, teologia e mistica. Esplorazione del nesso all'interno della tradizione francescana, in Antonianum, 79/2 (2004) p. 245-271 .

Summary: The article illustrates the fundamental characteristics of the Franciscan Theological School of the thirteenth century, dealing specifically with the works of Alexander of Hales, Olivi and Scotus. The concept of theology is summarily examined in the context of these author.s works as well as in relationship with the use of philosophy. Later, their doctrine on contemplation and mystical experience is briefly reviewed. Furthermore, the article attempts to identify the possible links between the three described dimensions in order to discover various traits of the Franciscan School. As a result, the author is able to offer some reflections on the possibilities of Franciscan Theology for the present time.

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