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Foto Scognamiglio Eduardo , Chiesa, mondo e globalizzazione, in Antonianum, 77/1 (2002) p. 93-130 .

Summary: Globalization is a broad and complex phenomenon: with both positives, negatives and not a little confusion in the areas of economics, culture and politics. Financially, globalization claims to foster the capital growth invested by richer states in favour of poorer ones. Culturally, it requires an homogenization of different cultures and lifestyles. Politics and political life are strongly influenced and conditioned by globalization: common good and social justice depending on the criteria of productivity and commerce. Clearly, then, theologians and pastors need to carefully study this complex phenomenon. The Church, itself, offers many markers‑‑ in the areas of social justice, the common good, ecology, etc. ‑‑ that are important ingredients to and for the whole globalization issue. Much is a stake in the areas of moral philosophy and theology. More is a stake as all of this deeply concerns our future and that of the world  itself.

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