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Foto Conti Martino , Gioia per il soccorso divino secondo il Salmo 5, in Antonianum, 76/3 (2001) p. 407-428 .

Summary: After a description of the internal characteristics of the Psalm 5, the study distinguishes among the following: a) the introduction, which adopts the form of a lamentation; b) the exposition of the case which shows the author’s context, namely, his struggles with unscrupulous and wicked people; c) the prayer for himself, asking God’s assistance and defence; d) the invocation against wicked enemies; e) the conclusion, which is an invitation to praise and a testimony to the certainty of God’s help for anybody who trusts in Him. The contemporary valueof the Psalm lies in his argument (efficiency of prayer and divine protection against any temptation), in New Testament usage (Ap 21:8 and Rm 3:13), and in the liturgical context which uses it.

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