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Foto Dotolo Carmelo , La relazione tra teologia e postmodernità: problemi e prospettive, in Antonianum, 76/4 (2001) p. 651-685 .

Summary: The different evaluations of the postmodern culture can lead to contrasting theological interpretations of the problematics linked to the present. A possible means of exploring the relationship between theology and postmodernity could be based on the notion of “interculturality”, conscious of the theoretical and ethical richness that the christian project may offer to the research of meaning and truth. The article moves into this scenario: first, trying to focus on some relevant data of contemporary times: the inversion of eschatology, the return of polytheism, the diffuse and anonymous presence of the sacred in a multi-religious reality; the weakness of the subject. And second, showing the novum of the Christian revelation on the trinitarian understanding of God, of the ontologic meaning of creaturality, of the prophetic dimension of the Church and of the ethical reach of the time and history.

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