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Foto Andonegui Javier , Rogerio Bacon: Su última obra sobre el significado, in Antonianum, 74/2 (1999) p. 253-305 .

Summary: The article offers an interpretation of the book, Compendium Studii Theologiae, Bacon’s last book and surely of great influence on the later Franciscan masters, Scotus and Ockham.  The emphasis of the philosophy was to overhaul the theory of meaning, further than had the Aristotelian formation, dominant in Paris of  that era.  The detailed analysis thoroughly demonstrates the new equilibrium between “naturality” and the role of the mind in signification, the attempt to get around Idealism, the structure involved in naming, the role of Stoicism in this formulation, the synthesis between experience and theory, and the synthesis between the two “suppositions”: the personal and the simple.

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