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Foto Harsányi Pál Ottó , La sfida dell’eutanasia e una proposta nella prospettiva della teologia della pace. II. L’eutanasia alla luce della risurrezione, in Antonianum, 84/1 (2009) p. 109-141 .

Summary: Euthanasia is an act of violence against the weak, who are not properly cared for but killed. At the same time, euthanasia undermines in an insidious way the peaceful coexistence within society. In the Paschal Mystery, God responded to the dominance of force by non-violent action. Euthanasia, then, is morally wrong, ultimately destroying the alliance between God and men and the right relationship among persons in society. Rather than resorting to violence, every possible form of help must be offered to the suffering and abandoned. Since Christians already participate in Christ’s resurrection, their vocation is to transmit His peace into the everyday realities of life, where border disputes are often settled by violence. Euthanasia is one such violent response, which impedes both faith in Christ’s resurrection and the achievement of peace among the people of our world. Traditional arguments against suicide relevant to our case will be revisited in the light of the theology of peace that derives from Christ’s resurrection.

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