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Foto Zavalloni Roberto , Il problema del « filosofare nella fede ». Linee emergenti del dibattito. , in Antonianum, 64/2-3 (1989) p. 431-469 .

Summary — Within the historical/doctrinal context of the relationships existing between reason and faith, between philosophy and theology, problems of a general character are first submitted to the examination of the author, such as the elaboration of the « biblical message » in a philosophical perspective; and the «Scholastic theorizations » of reason at its service to faith; emphasis is then made on some particular problems reminiscent of the augustinian/franciscan tradition: the «augustinian doctrine» of the relationship between faith and reason; the «bonaventurian concept » of the interaction between science and wisdom; the « scotistic thought » on the interrelation between philosophy and theology; in conclusion, some personal reflections are made available on the «rupture of equilibrium » within the context of the debate on the relationship between reason and  faith.

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