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Foto Nobile Marco , - Le « benedizioni » a Giuda e a Giuseppe in Gen 49,8-12.22-26 e in Dt 33,7.13-17, nel quadro della redazione Gen-2 Re , in Antonianum, 64/4 (1989) p. 501-517 .

Summary — For some years the Author has been concerned with the research of a working hypothesis, which is sustained by contemporary exegetic trends. The hypothesis refers to the existence of an exilic-postexilic redaction from Genesis to 2Kings, which develops a wide historical-theological project that is unitary. It is not the case of discarding as outdated the diachronic studies of the various stages in the development of the texts; rather, the Author wants to take seriously the solid textual indications, which seem to make evident an intelligent redactional action operating from one chapter to another of the great historical fresco (Gen-2King). The present study is a sample-test of this research. The work proceeds in two stages. In the first stage an analysis is made of the so-called « blessings » to Judas and Joseph of Gen 49 and Dt 33 and the similarities and respective differences are shown. In the second stage the same texts and the problems emerging from the description of the above-mentioned redaction are examined. In this way only it becomes possible to explain fully the important role, in the blessings, of Joseph with respect to Judas, even though this latter represents the «patriarch» from whom the Redactor derives.

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