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Foto Treffers Bert , Franciscus Redivivus: Angelo Del Pas e la Cappella De' Vecchi in S. Pietro in Montorio , in Antonianum, 64/4 (1989) p. 518-539 .

Summary — The De' Vecchi Chapel, existing in the Roman Church of St. Peter in Montorio, constitutes to the Author of this study an interesting object of lesearch, which throws light to a particular case referring both to the history of arts and to a section of the history of the Franciscan Order. The Author de­monstrates that the above-mentioned chapel had been conceived as a «pen­dent » of the Borgherini Chapel, placed in front of the former. Moreover, what ;s contained in the decoration of the De' Vecchi Chapel is in direct relationship with the theme of Raffaello's Transfiguration, which at that time stood on the main altar. In this way a new and coherent iconographic programme was created, of which the two chapels and the painted piece of the main altar make up two correlated aspects. The artistic work must represent the Franciscan Angelo del Pas, whose iconographic features would have been intended to show «Francis risen from the dead», ready for worship, when the cause of his canonisation would have been solved. History, however, has taken a different course.

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