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Foto Vàzquez Janeiro Isaac , Pedro Trigoso (f 1593). Fuentes para una biografia documentada, in Antonianum, 61/1 (1986) p. 154-171 .

Summary. — On account of his work Summa theologica sancti Bona-venturae, Pedro Trigoso de Calatayud (1533-1593) is considered as a pro­moter of 16th century Bonaventure studies and as a forerunner of the great 17th century theologians of the Capuchin Order, to which he be­longed in his last years of life, having been a Jesuit previously. With a view to the critical biography, which he is preparing, the author provides here a calendar of 181 documents, of which 19 were known before. The documents, which — whit the exception of twenty six — have been located in the General Archives of the Society of Jesus in Rome (= ARSI), are fundamental to a knowledge of the personality of Trigoso and of his activities as a Jesuit, as well as for ascertaining the motive  and the date of his transfer to the Capuchins.

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