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Foto Buffon Giuseppe , Ad lectores, in Antonianum, 88/2 (2013) p. 213 .

It falls to Professor Klemens Stock, SJ, who teaches at the Pontificai Bibli-cal Institute to contribute an authoritative presentation of the scholarly studies that are at the heart of this second issue oi Antonianum for the year 2013. This exempts me from my usuai task of introducing here the articles chosen to be included in any individuai issue. I may not, however, consider myself dispensed from the pleasant duty of thanking, first of ali, Professor Stock, who so ably guides the International Group for the Exegetical Study of the Gospels (GI-SEV), the fruits of whose research Antonianum is honoured to publish in the form of a monographic issue on the subject: "The Divine Fatherhood in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John".

Indeed, on behalf of the editoria! board oi Antonianum, I thank Profes­sor Stock, not only for this introduction to the papers written by his disciples, themselves established scholars in their field, but for the recognition extended to us by having settled on this journal for their publication. Likewise I thank our own professor of the exegesis of the New Testament, Jorge Humberto Mo-rales Rios OFM, whose studies of St. Mark's Gospel have gained distinct appre-ciation, for having been our liaison to this scholarly enterprise, and for having coordinated the editing process, with professionalism and diligence.

Antonianum, aiming to embody the attention that our University has al-ways reserved to team work, specifically in the perspective of multidisciplinary synergies, could not but be hospitable with regard to the initiatives of the Inter­national Group for the Exegetical Study of the Gospels, of which Prof. Morales is a member. Furthermore, team work, working together, is a practice Francis-cans highly esteem, given that our Founder willed our institutional framework to be a "brotherhood." Being, moreover, the journal of a Franciscan Univer­sity that includes the prestigious Studium Biblicum Franciscanum of Jerusalem among its Faculties, how could we not take up the opportunity of publishing these studies of the Word of God in the Gospel, of which St. Francis himself was first a hearer and then a herald?

Thus, while I congratulate these scholars on the originality and depth of their papers, I do willingly make room for Professor Stock to present, in syn-thesis, their several contributions.

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