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Foto HORTA ESPINOZA Jorge , Chiesa e UniversitÓ: una presenza radicata nella cultura e nella scienza. Distinzione tra universitÓ cattoliche e universitÓ ecclesiastiche, in Antonianum, 79/3 (2004) p. 533-550 .

Summary: Culture and science are most needed aspects for any society. The Church shows through its involvement in university institutions its zeal and mission as Master, mindful of anything concerning human nature and dignity. In the light of the historical record, magisterial documents and Canon Law, it is possible to distinguish clearly between two kinds of such institutions: Catholic Universities, and Ecclesiastic Universities. At the same time the documents help to distinguish their nature and goal, institution, government, docent’s status, academic degrees and students. Both kinds of Universities converge in the same mission: to promote the dialogue between faith and reason, applying all the available social means, and to provide its contribution for the progress of all humanity.

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