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Foto Meis Wörmer Anneliese , , El Misterio de la alteridad en el Breviloquium de Buenaventura, in Antonianum, 81/3 (2006) p. 463-507 .

Summary: Otherness constitutes a singular phenomenon, which receives distinct attention from thinkers both ancient and modern, since it brings with it – intrinsically – that ineluctable questioning regarding the mysterious presence of the other. It is this that allows one to appreciate the genius of the synthesis that St. Bonaventure offers in his Breviloquium. This article proposes to study both the explicit and the implicit references to the subject of otherness as they emerge from the confluence of his sources. These questions are considered: Is otherness constitutive of the identity of the knowing subject? To what extent does the former maintain its mystery in relation to the latter? Do both transcend themselves in fecundity, on the example of the Holy Spirit? Thus the mystery of otherness, in the Breviloquium, will be studied here under different theological aspects important to St. Bonaventure.

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