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Corso "CE606 New Evangelization and Ethics in the Digital Age"

Prof. Martín CARBAJO NÚÑEZ >>
2 semestre (5 ects)
CE606 New Evangelization and Ethics in the Digital Age* (2020/21 )
The Church “would feel guilty before the Lord” (EN 45) if she did not utilize the new media for evangelization, because for many people they are "the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration" (RM 37). This course will study the ethical challenges in communications technology that are also boundless opportunities for evangelization. We will explore the new role of Parish priests, catechists and teachers in educating the “mobile-born” generations and facing some specific problems as cyberbullying and exhibitionism in social networks. We will also study the possible use of the new technologies in running the parish and celebrating the liturgy. Our analysis will be inspired at Catholic Social Teaching and Franciscan Spirituality.

Some goals:

  • Understand the relationship that exists between the use of ICT and being true to him/herself as a person
  • To stimulate the moral imagination
  • To develop the ability for critical analysis on the moral values involved in the use of ICT (reflection)
  • To acquire the capacity of publicly sustaining a reasonable position while being open to dialogue and pluralism (argument)
  • To strengthen the sense of moral responsibility (life)

Student Learning Outcomes

- Students will be expected:
  • To become aware of the current relevance of the Franciscan Spirituality and Charism, being able to apply its values and principles to the use of ICT.
  • To become familiar with the main documents issued by the Catholic Church regarding ICT and the basic truths, values and anthropology they propose.
  • To understand how ICT shape our society and the challenges they create for ethics, identity, relationships and religion.

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