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Foto Carbajo Núñez Martín , Intimidad, exhibicionismo y deontología periodística. Por una respuesta ética a la comercialización mediática del ámbito íntimo, in Antonianum, 79/1 (2004) p. 101-128 .

Summary: This article examines how the Information Age is affecting the way people manifest their inner lives to each other and the way privacy is dealt with by the media. The emergence of the new society has strained the sense of privacy that had been built up by cultures. The socially assumed criteria regarding modesty and restraint have given way to an increasing exhibitionism and voyeurism, largely promoted by commercial media. On the other hand, virtual communication can also induce to new kinds of social isolation. A new equilibrium is needed in accordance with human dignity and with people.s inner capacity to establish respectful relationships within the new social context. The increasing number of codes of ethics issued and assumed by journalists is considered the best possible answer to media abuses in this field. Sixty one significant codes which are now in force in forty two European countries will be subsequently analyzed in the next issue of this journal.

Martín Carbajo Núñez - via Merulana, 124 - 00185 Roma - Italia
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