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Celebrating life: The Rule and Christmas at Greccio (1223-2023)

Foto Carbajo-N˙˝ez MartÝn , Celebrating life: The Rule and Christmas at Greccio (1223-2023), Ed. TAU Publishing, Phoenix (AZ), 2023 , 120 (ISBN 978-1-61956-665-1).

The second edition of this book is intended as a contribution to the celebration, in 2023, of the eighth centenary of two important events for the Franciscan family: the confirmation of the Later Rule (Regula bullata) by Pope Honorius III, on Nov. 29, 1223, and the celebration of Christmas at Greccio, just a month later. This centenary is a moment of grace and a propitious occasion to renew our consecration to the Lord.

The vital flame that has inspired Francis of Assisi and his followers for these eight hundred years needs to be continually rekindled. We too are invited to assume it today in a creative and dynamic manner, avoiding useless nostalgia. This publication aims to achieve this.

Consecrated life “is not about survival, but new life.” The Lord who granted Francis “to begin doing penance” (Test 1) now gives us this opportunity to remember the past with gratitude, to strengthen joyfully our charismatic identity in the present and to open ourselves with hope to the future.

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Theological dimension 
Anthropological dimension 
Ecclesiological dimension 
Sociological dimension 
1. “So that they might have life.” The Later Rule of Saint Francis 
1.1. “The life of the lesser brothers begins” 
1.1.1. The rule is life 
1.1.2. “Those who wish to adopt this Life” (LR 2) 
1.1.3. Let them “be received to obedience” 
a) Obedience in the first person 
b) To obey is to embrace fraternity and the logic of gift 
1.2. Authority: mothers who care for life 
1.2.1. Listening to the Holy Spirit, true Minister General 
1.2.2. Reluctance of some ministers: The logic of power 
1.3. Today we need the Rule 
1.3.1. How should we live the Rule today? 
1.3.2. Assuming the Rule as a vital process of transformation 
1.3.3. Authority: Witnesses who inspire and animate 
1.4. Summarizing 
2. Celebrating life that rises again: The Nativity Scene at Greccio 
2.1. The narratives on the nativity scene at Greccio 
2.1.1. Some precedents 
2.1.2. The version of Celano (1Cel 84-87) 
a) New Bethlehem, new Church, new creation 
b) Peace on Earth 
c) A new humanity 
2.1.3. Bonaventure's narrative (LMj 10,7) 
2.2. The mystery of God as generous love 
2.2.1. Divine love as the origin and foundation of all that exists 
2.2.2. The nearness of God 
2.3. The Incarnation illuminates our humanity 
2.3.1. Christocentrism and relational anthropology 
2.3.2. The human being is a contemplative, a “hearer of the Word” 
2.4. Strengthening family relationships 
2.4.1. Everyone has a place in Bethlehem 
2.4.2. The Incarnation and the Eucharist build the cosmic family 
2.5. The Goodness and Sacramentality of Creation 
2.5.1. Sister creatures 
2.5.2. Creation manifests the goodness of God 
2.5.3. A joyful, visual, and emotional experience 
2.6. St. Clare and the Mystery of the Incarnation
2.7. Summarizing 
General conclusion 
St. Francis and St Clare: writings and early documents 
Franciscanism: Reference works 
Articles in books 
Name Index 
Subject Index 

Parole chiave: Franciscanism, Francis of Assisi, Later Rule, Christmas, Greccio

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