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Course "CE607 Catholic Social Teaching and Laudato Si'"

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1 semester (5 ects)
CE607 Catholic Social Teaching and Laudato Si'* (2020/21 )

Course Description

“Catholic social teaching (CST) is a central and essential element of our faith” and so there is an urgent need of a strengthened commitment to sharing it “at every level of Catholic education and faith formation” (USCCB). This course will study CST, with a special focus on the encyclical Laudato Si’, in order to develop skills for critically applying this teaching to present ethical dilemmas and to topics related to social justice and integral ecology. The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition will be also a source of inspiration.
- Main practical objectives
  • understand the profound relationship that exists between social life and being true to him/herself as a person
  • To stimulate the moral imagination
  • To develop the ability for critical analysis on the moral values of life in society (reflection)
  • To acquire the capacity of publicly sustaining a reasonable position while being open to dialogue and pluralism (argument)
  • To strengthen the sense of moral responsibility (life)

Student Learning Outcomes

- Students will be expected:
  • to become familiar with the CST Foundational documents, basic truths and anthropology.
  • to understand the CST philosophical and scriptural roots.
  • to be aware of the historical context that influenced the CST teachings and topics.
  • to identify the major values, principles, and themes which recur in the CST documents and be able to apply them in contemporary situations
  • to heighten student awareness of social challenges to justice and peace (such as poverty, economic justice, human rights, violence and peace, environmental justice) and hopefully offer constructive responses in the light of CST.
  • to explore the ways in which the CST strike a balance between 1) the goods of individual dignity and liberty; and 2) concern for the community and the common good.

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