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Autonomous Drone Warfare

Foto Carbajo-N˙˝ez MartÝn , Autonomous Drone Warfare, in Warszawskie Studia Teologiczne, 35/1 (2022) p. 102-117 (DOI: 10.30439) .

Summary: Recently, a military robot has autonomously taken the decision to attack enemy troops in the Libyan war without waiting for any human intervention. Russia is also suspected of using such kind of robots in the current war against Ukraine. This news has highlighted the possibility of radical changes in war scenarios. Using a Catholic perspective, we will analyze these new challenges, indicating the anthropological and ethical bases that must lead to the prohibition of autonomous “killer robots” and, more generally, to the overcoming of the Just War theory. We will also point out the importance of Francis of Assisi, whom the encyclical Fratelli tutti has proposed again as a model for advancing towards a fraternal and pacified humanity.
 Keywords: LAWS, Robot, Just War, Francis of Assisi, Fratelli tutti.


1. War drones or "killer robots"

1.1. The difficult task of programming these drones
1.2. The dangers of robotic warfare
1.3. Throwing the stone and hiding the hand

2. Basis for overcoming the new arms race

2.1. Overcoming the negative anthropological conception
2.2. The just war theory is no longer valid
2.3. Fostering the culture of encounter

3. Francis of Assisi, a model of forgiveness and reconciliation


Key words: LAWS, Robot, Just War, Francis of Assisi, Fratelli tutti

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