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Prof. Carbajo will teach also in the USA, at the FST (Berkeley & San Diego)

Since 2016

Place: San Diego CA (USA)
Date: 01/07/2016
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In the fall of 2016, Prof. Martín Carbajo Núñez has began teaching at the “Franciscan School of Theology” (FST), which was previously part of the GTU in Berleley and, since 2013, is affiliated with the Universidad de San Diego (California). Prof. Carbajo will thus be teaching at three university centers: the FST and two Roman Pontifical Universities in Rome: the Antonianum (PUA) and the Alfonsianum (PUL). In previous years, Prof. Carbajo had already imparted some summer courses at the FST when it was placed in Berkeley (e.g. in 2009).
It should be noted that the FST is the only university-level center that offers theological studies in English and belongs to the Order of Friars Minor (OFM).

Available material
2023-2024 Course Schedule
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2023-2024_Academic Calendar
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2022-2023: Accademic calendar
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Permission granted to Fr. Martin by the Minister General OFM and Great Chancellor of the PUA for years 2022-2023-2024
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2022-2023, Fall semester: Course Schedule and description
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2021-2022, Course schedule and classrooms - Fall semester
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2021-2022: Fall Course Schedule
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2021-2022: Required books for Fall courses
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2021-2022: Course Schedule
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2020-2021: Fall semester courses
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2019-2020: Fall semester courses
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Map of the Old Mission S. Luis Rey - Since 2020 all FST courses will be held at San Diego's central Campus
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Letter of Suitability
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Permission granted to Fr Martin by the Minister General OFM and Great Cahcellor for years 2019-2021
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2018-2019 prof. Carbajo' Fall courses
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Fall 2017: Course Schedule Map
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2016-2017 timetable
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2016-2017 prof. Carbajo's Fall courses
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Syllabus: Informetion technology and Ethics
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Syllabus: Church's Social Teaching
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Letter from the Minister General OFM
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