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Franciscan Spirituality and Integral Ecology. Relational Bases vs. the Throwaway Culture

November 3, 2018 - Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)

Place: Scottsdale, Arizona
Date: 03/11/2018
PUA Prof. Martín Carbajo Núñez, OFM, will give a talk for FST in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Saturday November 3. The subject will be: "Franciscan Spirituality and Integral Ecology. Relational Bases vs. the Throwaway Culture"


In the light of both the encyclical Laudato Si' [=LS] and Franciscan spirituality, my talk will focus on the need to revise the dualistic anthropology that has led to the throwaway culture and to a dynamic of permanent conflict at all levels. Based on ontic and ontological dualisms, the thesis of human exception has accentuated the separation between human beings and all other creatures, giving rise to an irresponsible and domineering anthropocentrism that has caused the current socio-environmental crisis.

To overcome it, we need to assume a dialogical anthropology, an integral ecology, and a spirituality that “can motivate us to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world.” [LS 216] In this way, Humans and all other creatures will again “extend a friendly hand to one another.” [LS 106]

The first part of my talk will focus on both the dualistic anthropology and the thesis of human exception. The two following parts take inspiration from the Franciscan spirituality and the encyclical Laudato Si’ in order to identify the anthropological and theological bases for a new relational paradigm. The fourth part offers some lines of action to foster the paradigm change and an integral ecology.

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