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The Franciscans in the Digital Age

Oceanside Nov. 4-8, 2019

Place: Oceanside (CA) USA - Mission San Luis Rey
Date: 04/11/2019
PUA From 4 to 8 November 2019, the prof. Martín Carbajo Núñez, OFM will direct a week of reflection and retreat on the theme: "The Franciscans in the digital age", addressed to the Franciscan friars of the OFM province St. Barbara (California). The meeting will take place at Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside (CA).

The retreat will focus on the current communicative and environmental challenges that the new digital age presents to human beings and, more specifically, to Consecrated Life. We are already in a new culture, a new way of being and thinking. Technology has allowed a significant increase in material goods and in global connectivity, but we are destroying our common house. We are more connected, but more alone. The Synod for the Amazon, which will be just finished in Rome when we meet, can be a source of inspiration for our reflection and our willingness for conversion.
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