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Ecological Conversion and pluriform Church in the light of the Amazon Synod

Foto Carbajo Núñez Martín , Ecological Conversion and pluriform Church in the light of the Amazon Synod, in Revista Eclesiástica Brasileira (REB), 82/321 (2022) p. 92-114 .

Abstract: Taking into account the documents of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region and the post-synodal exhortation “Querida Amazonia,” this article studies the issue of ecological conversion and the model of a pluriform and well-enculturated Church. In different ways, we are all responsible for the current socio-environmental crisis and, therefore, we all need conversion. The synod proposes Francis of Assisi as an example of the integral conversion we all need. The second part of the article analyzes the new paths that the Synod indicates for the Church in that region so that she may have an Amazonian and indigenous face.
Keywords: Synod, Amazonia, Ecological sin, Evangelization, Conversion.
Resumen: A partir de los documentos del Sínodo de los obispos para la región Panamazónica y de la exhortación apostólica postsinodal “Querida Amazonia,” este artículo estudia la conversión ecológica y el modelo de la Iglesia pluriforme y bien inculturada que el Sínodo propone. De diferentes maneras, todos somos responsables de la crisis socioambiental y, por tanto, todos necesitamos conversión. El sínodo propone a Francisco de Asís como ejemplo de esa conversión integral. La segunda parte del artículo analiza los nuevos caminos que el Sínodo indica para que aquella Iglesia tenga un rostro amazónico y sea un pueblo sinodal en el que todos caminan juntos.
Palabras clave: Sínodo, Amazonia, Pecado ecológico, Evangelización, Conversión.
Sommario: A partire dai documenti del Sinodo dei vescovi sull’Amazzonia e dall’Esortazione apostolica post-sinodale “Querida Amazonia,” questo articolo prende in esame la conversione ecologica e il modello di Chiesa pluriforme e ben inculturata che il Sinodo ha proposto. In modi diversi, tutti siamo responsabili dell’attuale crisi socioambientale e, quindi, tutti abbiamo bisogno di conversione. Il Sinodo ha proposto Francesco d'Assisi come esempio di questa conversione integrale. La seconda parte dell’articolo analizza i nuovi cammini che il Sinodo ha indicato alla Chiesa in quella regione. Essa deve avere un volto amazzonico e indigena, mostrandosi come un popolo sinodale che cammina insieme.
Parole chiave: Sinodo, Amazzonia, Peccato ecologico, Evangelizzazione, Conversione.


1. Situation of sin and call to conversion
1.1. Ecological sin
1.2. Personal conversion
1.3. To restore the relational openness to diversity
1.3.1. Cultural conversion
1.3.2. Synodal conversion
1.3.3. Pastoral conversion
1.4. Relationships with all creatures
1.4.1. Ecological conversion
1.4.2. Integral conversion
2. Pluriform, inculturated, and interactive church
2.1. Petrine ministry and model of church
2.1.1. A synodal people
2.1.2. A people walking together
2.2. A church with an amazonian and indigenous face
2.2.1. Well-inculturated spirituality, theology, and liturgy
2.2.2. Role of women and new ministries
2.3. Mission and evangelization in relational perspective
2.3.1. Respectful inculturation and interactive evangelization
2.3.2. New media and information colonialism
2.3.3. Awakening the aesthetic and contemplative sense
2.4. A new relationship with the earth

Key words: Synod, Amazonia, Ecological sin, Evangelization, Conversion

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