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Text of Articles, Lectures, etc by prof. Martín Carbajo Núñez

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Place: Roma

A list of most of Prof. Carbajo's publications can be found in the "Bibliography" section of this web page: BooksArticles: in academic journalsin booksothers 

On this page you can download the full text of some of these articles and other publications in blogs (which do not appear in the "bibliography" section), as well as the text of his conferences and other interventions in congresses and academic meetings.

Available material
The principles of CST from an ecological perspective
PDF (752 Mbytes)    22 hits
Online - Blog Accademia Alfonsiana
Signs and symbols of nature in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
PDF (275 Mbytes)    138 hits
Online - Blog Accademia Alfonsiana
The evangelical counsels as ecological and relational conversion (In Spanish)
PDF (730 mbytes)    410 hits
Online - Blog Accademia Alfonsiana
Le Seigneur m'a donné des frères et des sœurs. François d'Assise, inspirateur de l'encyclique Fratelli tutti
PDF (448 Mbytes)    238 hits
Online - Rivista: Studia Elblaskie
La fraternité dans Fratelli tutti et dans la spiritualité franciscaine. Points de rencontre
PDF (448 Mbytes)    237 hits
Online - Rivista: Studia Elblaskie
The concept of fraternity
PDF (127 mbytes)    300 hits
Online - Blog Accademia Alfonsiana
Fraternity, familial relationships, and politics in the light of the encyclical Fratelli tutti
PDF (331 Mbytes)    355 hits
Online - Forum Teologiczne
Autonomous Drone Warfare - (Full text - English)
PDF (142 mbytes)    498 hits
Online - Warszawskie Studia Teologiczne
Autonomous vehicles and liability
PDF (207 kbytes)    1055 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: Vehículos antónomos y responsabilidad)
Communication and integral ecology in the encyclical Laudato si’
PDF (667 Mbytes)    514 hits
Blog Acc. Alfonsiana ("Communication and integral ecology in the encyclical Laudato si’")
Family relationships and polar opposition: Being equal while remaining different
PDF (392 Mbytes)    1235 hits
(Online download-Forum Teologiczne
From the communication of ecology to the ecology of communication (June 10 2022 - in Italian)
PDF (238225 bytes)    794 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: Dalla comunicazione dell’ecologia all’ecologia della comunicazione)
Global educational compact: the role of the university (Part 2/2). (Nov. 13, 2020 - in Italian)
PDF (483 kbytes)    802 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: Patto educativo globale: il ruolo dell’università (Parte 2/2)
Global educational pact: the role of the university (Part 1/2) (10/30/2020) -in Italian)
PDF (423 kbytes)    794 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: Patto educativo globale: il ruolo dell’università (Parte 1/2)
An ecocentric economy (10.03.2022)
PDF (479 kbytes)    778 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: An ecocentric economy)
Polar opposition (15.04.2022)
PDF (493 kbytes)    808 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: Polar opposition)
The war of autonomous drones (20.05.2022 - in French)
PDF (360 Kbytes)    799 hits
(Blog Alfonsianum: La guerre des drones autonomes)
Education and Integral Ecology. The Role of Family, Spirituality and University
PDF (183596 bytes)    1113 hits
Online - Carthaginensia 
«Vida mística no cotidiano. Os rostos de Deus», in Grande Sinal 74/01 (2020) 11-25.
PDF (379 Kb)    1969 hits
The importance of family relationships for the economic development of society», in Forum Teologiczne 20 (2019) 7-18
PDF (178 Mbytes)    1976 hits
(online - Forum Teologiczne)
«„Wszystko jest powiązane”. Ekologia i rodzina», in Forum Teologiczne 21 (2020) 7-20
PDF (188 Mbytes)    1817 hits
(Online download-Forum Teologiczne)
«El consagrado en la era digital: oportunidades y desafíos», in Verdad y Vida 266 (2015) 11-37
PDF (614 Mbytes)    1908 hits
Revitalizing religious life today: Ethical challenges and leadership, in Carthaginensia, 71 (2021) 147-165
PDF (937376 bytes)    2266 hits
« Génération hyper-connectée et discernement », in Studia Elbląskie XX (2019) 1-15.
PDF (321 Mbytes)    1919 hits
(online Download
Ecological Sin and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (in Spanish)
PDF (258 Mbytes)    2710 hits
(online Download)
The contribution by religions to Peace (in Italian)
PDF (599239 bytes)    1734 hits
Italian headline: Ecologia integrale: Il contributo della tradizione francescana (Paper per l'ambito "Economia ed ambiente" - Verso il forum di Etica civile)
PDF (396147 bytes)    2303 hits
Italian headline: Lo spettacolo dell'intimità. Radici storiche della comunicazione centrata sull'Io (Spagnolo)
PDF (1289592 bytes)    3 hits
Italian headline: La misericordia come virtù civile, in Il Cantico Online, 6-7 (2016) p. 9-13 .
PDF (204993 bytes)    2239 hits
Italian headline: Intervista sul giornale "La Opinión de Zamora" - 16-04-2016
PDF (784641 bytes)    2131 hits
The Franciscan way of taking care
PDF (1042683 bytes)    8 hits
Walking in faith in the Secular Age. The Franciscan way of testifying God's gift
- Testo PDF (400 Kb)    1716 hits
Human Rights, Sostenibility and Common Good
- Testo PDF (129 kb)    3 hits
- Online nel web "Scuola di Pace" >>
Life styles in the Global Village: The pilgrim and the Tourist
- Testo PDF (3 mb)    1 hits
- Online nel web "Scuola di Pace" >>
Virtual world and Ethics. How to express & transmit Ethical Values in today's Media Culture (in Spanish)
PDF (146723 bytes)    6939 hits
Privacy in the European Deontological codes of journalism (in Spanish)
PDF (795385 bytes)    6802 hits
"Monti di Pietà" & Finances. Franciscan Friars contribution to Economics (in Spanish)
PDF (144923 bytes)    5144 hits
Duns Scoto relevance in nowadays society
PDF (158520 bytes)    5115 hits
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